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20th February 2021 - NEW: Op-ed in Wired on disinformation & the influence industry

My new op-ed has just been published in WIRED - After many headlines on the scale of 'disinfo for sale' ... is the Oxford Internet Institute's latest study offering useful insight for policymakers into its growth? I say no.

This new op-ed I've just published in Wired critiques as misleading this high profile and influential study into disinformation by Professor Phil Howard whose work had been in the headlines worldwide in the last month and who has had a lot of influence among policymakers.

Future solutions to the disinformation problem need to be drawing on strong research into the influence industry - I have been progressing this project myself and look forward to sharing more updates in due course...

Please read and share... the article: 'The Grim Consequences of a Misleading Study on Disinformation' (see on Twitter)

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